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Ongoing Struggle with Equifax Impacting Home Purchase

My year-long struggle with Equifax has reached a point of frustration, especially as it affects our endeavor to purchase a house.

While lenders can access information from Experian and TransUnion, Equifax consistently fails to provide any data. This issue surfaced a year ago, and despite multiple interactions with Equifax, the problem persists. I've diligently faxed identifying information, including a letter of explanation, my social security card, and a government-issued ID, multiple times.

Recently, after a 30-day wait, they confirmed receiving the information and updating my file. However, when my lender pulled my report, the issue persisted – Equifax still showed no information. Seeking advice on the next steps to take, I wonder if I'm being impatient or if the information takes more time to replicate across various systems, perhaps 60 days.

Should I consider seeking legal assistance from a specialists in this field

The impact on our house-buying plans has been significant, and I'm open to any detailed guidance or suggestions on actions I can take to bring about a resolution.


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