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Greyson Nguyen

Where To Buy North Face Boots

The Shellista IV offers enough traction to get you from Point A to Point B on most surfaces and winter-laden pursuits, but it fell short compared to the external lug designs on the burlier all-terrain winter boots we tested. The traction pattern is far from aggressive, with its pros and cons. We found it easy and comfortable to stroll along the pavement, fresh snow, and wet surfaces. However, when it came to packed snow and uneven, choppy snow, we were slipping outward or backward on each step, feeling a lack of stability.

where to buy north face boots

My rubber uppers haven't broken apart yet, but we are in deep snow all the time working, and I couldn't figure out why my feet were so cold and then numb at the end of my shift. I took them off, and was sopped! I cannot determine where my boots are leaking, just seems generally on the lower seam above the foot tread somewhere. And BOTH feet are soaked. Very POOR, North Face!

Got them out of my closet sitting next to my other boots. Second day wearing them they fell apart where the leather meets the rubber. Never had a pair of boots do this. I've read other complaints about this and North Face says it's a storage issue and won't do anything after a year. Bad business! My L.L. Bean boots I've had for 10 years and they are still perfect. 041b061a72


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