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The main list of credit score companies: Credit report departments that exist in the United States comprise Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. These entities are responsible for the gathering and storing of credit data relating to consumers as a way of preparing credit reports and scores. Each bureau uses separate tactics and databases to retrieve the information about the consumer, which is why the score of the same person can be different among those bureaus.

Equifax is one of the oldest and also the largest credit bureau companies. Include among its services credit monitoring as well as protection from identity theft. Equifax credit scores are employed by the loan providers when reviewing the loan requests and measures the relative credit risk. It provides consumers with their credit reports and credit scores and provides solutions supporting credit health.

The third prominent credit bureau is Experian which provides credit reporting and credit scoring services. Experian is known to offer FICO scores accompanied by reports that feature information on credit accounts, payment records and legal records. Experian also provides credit monitoring, which informs consumers of the changes in their credit reports so that they will be aware of their current standing and also assist them in fighting against identity theft.

The third credit bureau in this country is TransUnion, an organization that supplies credit reports and credit scores to credit reporters and consumers. Some of the services that TransUnion offers include; credit reporting, credit record checking, and identity theft solutions. The current credit scores involve assessment of credit records of consumers and assists the company in extending credit facilities to consumers.


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