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Where To Buy End Mills

All end mills have a shank diameter of 3,175 mm (1/8")Milling parametersFor an optimal overview of all our end mills and the materials to be processed, please see the table on our website.

where to buy end mills


So we can see where there are problems. If many visitors leave our site during the purchase process while choosing the payment method, we know that something is wrong and can improve it. Sounds good, right? Thats good for You and good for us. So its a win-win situation. So let us accompany You on Your way through our store. Deal?

Welcome! We are a store where you can easily find and purchase High Quality End Mill Bits including high performance Solid Carbide Endmills. We have broken the industrial tool catalog paradigm by creating two fast and easy methods to search for your milling Bit. You can use the categories on the left, or you can use the End mill filter search, which is more flexible. Our goal is to provide the widest product selection in sizes, geometries, and performance advantage available on the web.

We don't limit you to one manufacturer. We have three high quality U.S.A. companies offering their own expetise in milling cutter performance. M.A. Ford, Titan USA, and HTC Tool-Cutter & Mfg. offer complete product categories from carbide miniature end mills to the largest and longest end mills on the market. We offer general purpose mills as well as high performance mills. And we have all the latest coating technologies such as TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, and AlCrN. And soon we be offering HSS and Cobalt mills as well!

We have just finished adding the entire catalog of TITAN's general purpose, single end, solid carbide ball nose end mills. The end of this tool is ground with a full radius equal to half of the tool diameter, and the edges are center cutting. They can be used used for milling a large corner radius, grooving with a full radius, and contour or profile milling. The smaller diameters can be used for engraving. They come with two flutes or four flutes. They are available in diameter sizes from 1/64" to 1". They come in a variety of length configurations from stub to extra long. And they come as uncoated carbide, or PVD coated AlTiN, or TiCN.

One of the reasons we are adding TITAN is their commitment to quick delivery. They will ship anywhere in the contiguous 48 states within 2 days at ground prices. So, there is no reason to choose anything but ground shipments if you can live with two day deliveries.

Titan has an awesome line of standard end mills, high performance variable flute mills, thread mills, chamfer and drill mills, and burrs. They also are a leader in coating technologies and have an in-house state of the art coating facility.

The most important aspect of carbide tooling is to run the tool at the proper speeds and feeds. We have broken these recommendations down into categories so you can make better decisions with how to run your end mills. Certain high performance end mills have very specificc running parameters relative to their material families. We have listed these also as individual recommendations. These documents are downloadable pdf formats.

We use Sussex tool to vend most of our carbide tooling but we have control over what kind of end mills have in there. Of course Sussex wants us to put stuff in there that they sell, but they are pretty good with letting us put anything in there that we want. I really like Gorilla Mills but I'm trying to get the boss man to look at Helical Solutions end mills. I've seen good results and heard positive feed back from others that have used these end mills. We have our Walters rep stopping by on Tuesday to talk about getting some high performance end mills. I'm hoping that we can get something in here that will match up well for using the "Opti" tool paths and maximize their efficiency.

How do you get Accupro endmills from Fastenal?? I thought Accupro was MSC's own brand? FWIW anyone that pays MSC list is crazy, I think that is the root of the problem of peoples complaint that they are sooo outrageous. Call the local salesman (or follow their online specials, usually run 30% off a few times a month) and he will give you discounts. We (at a large company) are working towards a straight 40% off list deal...

Jason - You cannot go wrong with Fleetwood in Addison or Quality Tools and Abrasives in Elk Grove Village. We get our Garr endmills from Fleetwood because we cannot find anyone to beat their prices. We also use YG-1 and we order those from Quality Tools. Both carry many lines of carbide endmills (including Titan).

The new Z-Carb HPR Five Flute Roughing End Mills are ideal for achieving high metal removal rates (MRR) and a finish of 80 RMS or better on most materials. The specialized five flute design is engineered for increased productivity over three and four flute end mills. The variable indexing geometry allows for improved chatter suppression over symmetrical designs.

With conventional end mills, the cutting teeth entering and exiting the material creates a natural rhythm that results in damaging harmonics. Harmonics produce a frequency that resonates through the entire tool, resulting in one of the most damaging forms of cutter wear known as chatter. Chatter degrades the quality of your finish. Until now, your only choice was to adjust your operating parameters to account for the limitations of your conventional end mill. With its patented, one of a kind geometry, the Z-Carb AP offers three stages of chatter suppression, resulting in the quietest, most stable milling experience available.

Z-Carb four-flute high performance end mills set the standard for optimal removal rates. With unparalleled efficiency and performance, these legendary tools have been upgraded with enhanced geometry.

V-Carb end mills set the standard for peak finish quality. These five-flute, unequal helix tools feature unequal indexing and an ideal rake and relief combination for unmatched finishing capability. Available with a full selection of corner radii and ball nose configurations, the V-Carb portfolio is well equipped to handle your complex finishing requirements.

Series 33 end mills use the latest in engineering design and grinding capabilities. They are ideal for aggressive ramping, pocketing, and slotting in difficult to machine materials such as Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Inconel. Designed for applications challenged by heavy chip evacuation, this 3-flute design offers increased chip clearance and a reduction in harmful harmonics.

The Multi-Carb High-Performance Finishing End Mill incorporates a large number of flutes for stability and high feed finishing capabilities in applications where surface finish and tolerance are critical factors. The large flute count design allows smoother cutting performance and increased tool life, positively impacting productivity and quality levels.

Ski-Carb solid carbide end mills for aluminum & non-ferrous applications come with patented design features that allow for corner milling without chatter, greater shearing ability, increased rigidity, and additional protection against chipping. Primary and secondary flute wall construction avoids chip interference.

Our performance end mills are manufactured right along side our high-performance products and undergo the same rigorous testing and quality control. We use the same machines, the same diamond grinding wheels, and the same metallurgical lab inspected raw material. Learn more about our performance product below.

This series of tapered circle segment barrel end mills are available in metric diameters that can satisfy a variety of machining applications tailored for multiple industries. The specialized barrel tool design is engineered to significantly improve many traditional ball end applications. The tapered circle segment barrel end mill portfolio features patent pending geometry which allows for improved production rates resulting in reduced machining time and enhanced surface quality.

The AX end mills feature symmetrical end gashing, improving balance and performance. The double-rake flute design provides exceptional chip evacuation. The SC-13 coating on each end mill provides additional protection and lubricity.

Skookum End Mills are Premium Carbide End Mills engineered to the highest quality with the best raw material & coatings for demanding applications. High tech geometries manufactured in Canada on the most state of the art 5 Axis CNC Grinders in the world. Extremely rigid quality control to assure the tightest tolerances & consistency. You will not be disappointed with the quality, performance, and value of these quality end mills.

Morse End Mills are manufactured in USA to the highest industrial standards. We have a huge selection of standard, high performance and ultra-high-performance end mills.

Just bought your machine and not sure what endmills you should get? The Shapeoko Endmill Starter Pack is for you! It contains a variety of the most popular endmills used on the Shapeoko to get you going on a variety of projects. 041b061a72


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