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Driver ELM327 Crack

@Billp The simple thing is, these drivers are automatically distributed through windows. The FTDI drivers are automatically installed when the device is first used, and remain up to date through windows update. What FTDI has done, is pervert this system than on overwhelming number of people trust and rely upon, to enact petty revenge.

Driver ELM327 Crack

They who made it could have left out the garbage data feature and have the driver still work but display a message the chip is a counterfeit and to purchase the genuine article and maybe even go as far as not working.I would have been ok with this.But injecting garbage data into the circuit is potentially dangerous and the fact they think this is ok completely destroys any sympathy I may have had for them.I would not shed a single tear of they ended up going bankrupt.

How the manufacturer download site could be described as anything related to shady? Because is in chinesse? Because are not distributed automatically with windows update like the signed FTDI malware drivers?

We have an FTDI chip on some of our hardware up for revision, so I am pulling their expensive shit off the design roster as we speak. I am simply tired of their antics, and the mcu has the VID:PID from another UART driver already.

No. The FTDI chips or their drivers IP are not better than all the clones or other USB/RS232 bridges in regard of inserting pauses between transmited bytes. i.e: Look at a chronograph for the FT2232H with their sample application for the D2XX driver.

Or because writing (and signing, and getting people to install) drivers is difficult, the USB-IF throws in another obstacle, and as mentioned before the FTDI-style interface is a defacto working standard that despite their intentions (and against their best efforts) is now bigger than just them.

Hmm, no ? I cannot sue HP because one of their printer drivers doesnt work with an Epson printer. If people want to use the fake chips, they just have to ask for the fakers to provide the necessary drivers.And I dont know in other countries, but here people who buy from the dollar store know that they are buying counterfeit and low quality things, they just dont care.

To be honest, I think it would be fair if the driver were then to shut down. And also fair if they offered me the option to purchase, at a reasonable price, a downloadable driver without the authenticity check. They get their lost income, I get to continue using my devices with minimal interruption, everybody wins.

Another commenter had the great idea that the driver could stop working and in some form (systray app?) notify the user that the hardware is a clone, offering a per-device fee for a driver that will work with the clone. FTDI gets back (some) lost revenue, the user is annoyed and potentially tries to throw that cost back to whoever made the board/device, and hopefully the board vendor fixes their supply chain.

Nothing is wrong with buying on ebay. Although in this case he had way to much work fixing his new bought device. Better to revert to a known working driver version and perhaps avoid FTDI in the future.

Now you want to talk about non-medical implications? Perhaps the model rocket launcher kit someone might buy? We deal with these kinds of risks all the time. An automatic driver update killing access to a serial port (and causing unexpected text to spew out of a serial port) is unexpected, but so is a garbage character from ESD or perhaps a device which gets damaged due to static or an overvoltage or reverse-voltage condition.

Agreed if the driver simply did not work that would have been ok as any device containing a fake chip would be assumed broken and pulled or the driver assumed broken and rolled back but injecting text in the the data is just asinine as most software is not written to deal with that.It may ignore the extra text it may not work at all or it may act erratically.

If you are able to sell an alternative product which you claim is drop-in compatible, which is just as good, just as reliable, with the same functionality and a significantly lower price, put your own name on it. Provide your own drivers, and support it yourself and stand by your own product.

Luckily we were not the first. This nut was already cracked by Cedric Paille, the hero who made DDT4All. By carefully going through the logs of DDT4All, we could modify our ELM327 driver to now also send long messages.Thank you Cedric! The crazy thing is that if you use a commercial dongle, it does quite a bit of the ISO-TP hard work for receiving frames, but for sending quite a bit more is done CanZE and suddenly it is timing-relevant. This is what actually held up a new CanZE release.


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